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WARNING: Before using any company that uses bubble balls, be sure that they use (TPU Plastic) over (PVC Plastic). PVC Plastic causes acute and chronic health problems to the user. Michigan Bubble Ball uses TPU over PVC in our product for the benefit of the users and the environment. TPU is manufactured in a much cleaner way and releases non-of the harmful chemicals into the user like PVC. Make it clear to any company that uses Bubble Ball's, that they show you and prove to you that they are using TPU Bubble Balls.

Michigan Bubble Ball is bringing you a new experience in fun! If you are looking for a fun time and lots of laughter then you've found the right place! How does it work? You slide your way into a giant bubble ball, split into teams and go for the goal! What could be more fun than bouncing into your friends or family or maybe even your boss, then sending them off their feet and rolling away! You think it's funny to watch? Then try playing it!


In Michigan Bubble Ball, we think the best part is:

  1. The dash to ball after each goal scored.
  2. There is no off sides.
  3. Everyone has to protect the goal cause there's no "goalie."
  4. Teams will be (4 or 5) a side
  5. Times / Format will be determined based on the event being held
  6. Full games could be 7 min long up to full games of 24 min (2 x 12 min halves)
  7. No substitutions will be allowed during the games
  8. This game is exhausting! Be prepared to sweat and have a Fun Workout!

Interested in playing? What Next...

This is a sport where you might just have as much fun watching!

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