Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are Bubble Balls?

    An all-encompassing, protective, safe, single chambered ball of air with inner handles and shoulder straps that enables you to almost literally defy gravity and defy pain. The balls allow you to bump, roll and flip over without any risk of injury. You only need one to get started, practice your rolls and flips. Warning: Two or more will make you laugh till your sore.

  2. How old and how tall do I have to be?

    Recommended ages for Michigan Bubble Balls is ten and up. Michigan Bubble Balls are available in two sizes currently: 1.3 meter or medium recommended for male or female under 5 feet seven inches: 1.5 meter or large for those over 5 feet 7 inches. Here is why. It is important that your Michigan Bubble Ball is adjusted to cover from above your head to just above your knees. This will ensure that you maintain proper protection for rougher play. Remember to adjust the shoulder straps accordingly so to obtain optimum bodily coverage. Please refer to directions for restrictions.

  3. Where can Michigan Bubble Balls be used?

    We recommend using the Michigan Bubble Balls on either grass or wooden floors such as basketball courts or sports halls.

  4. Who can use Michigan Bubble Balls?

    Michigan Bubble Balls can be used by small children as well as adults. The Michigan Bubble Balls have a padded harness on the inside of the ball which is easily adjusted to get the perfect fit, no matter what your size.

  5. Is there an age limit for Michigan Bubble Balls?

    The minimum age is 7 years old and the maximum is 99 years old (as long as you're in great health)!

  6. Is there a weight limit for Michigan Bubble Balls?

    There is no minimum weight limit, but there is a maximum weight limit of 260 lbs.

  7. Are you likely to get hurt?

    With any sport, there is always a risk of injury. As safe as this appears being in a ‘Bubble', we recommend that you have a reasonable level of fitness to be able to cope with being ‘Bumped'. The most we see isn't so much injuries as being completely out of breath! With most sports and activities, a waiver will be required to be completed prior to participation.

  8. How many Michigan Bubble Balls are available?

    Whether you have a small group of people wanting to have fun or a large corporate event, we can cater for any number! We do recommend a minimum of 6 Bubble Balls to get the REAL effect of the fun you can have!

  9. What is the minimum/maximum amount of players?

    Depending on the location - six is the minimum and ten is the maximum.

  10. What shall I wear?

    You must be wearing sport clothing.

  11. Is the deposit refundable if we cannot attend?

    The deposit is non-fundable

  12. How do I pay the deposit?

    After you have confirmation of your date & time, we will issue you an invoice

  13. Is Michigan Bubble Ball a mixed gender sport?


  14. You don't offer Michigan Bubble Ball near me?

    Yes, all you need to do is hire a venue and we come to you.

  15. Can groups drink alcohol while playing?

    No! Any groups found drinking alcohol while playing or are intoxicated will be asked to sit out.

Starting Your Own Bubble Soccer Operation

What's the difference between Michigan Bubble Ball's TPU vs PVC?

When purchasing your walk on water balls you need to consider several aspects including:

  • Company reputation
  • Price
  • Turn-around time
  • After sale service
  • Adhesive techniques used
  • Material thickness
  • Type of material

There are many businesses that would offer you products that are sub-standard. It's very important for you to understand the difference between the two main material types that you are likely to be offered; PVC and TPU. There are many aspects other than price that should contribute to your decision.

TCU/PVC comparison
Abrasion Resistant Can crack over time
Physical strength and elasticity Strength and elasticity degrade over time
High mechanical performance  
Will not harden over time Will harden and discolour over time
Higher cost than PVC Lower cost than TPU
Breathable and odourless Odour
Low temperature resistant Will crack at low temperatures but out performs TPU at high temperatures
  Contains more dangerous chemicals including halogen, plasticizer, phthalates which may have serious health consequences.
Can have flame retardants added Flame retardant although it gives off dangerous smoke
Used in medical products Used in medical products
More environmentally friendly and can be recycled As PVC degrades the chemical bonds will be broken and dangerous gasses will be released along with corrosive acids
  Good base to print logos on

It's up to you to choose what type of Michigan Bubble Ball to buy, given your circumstances, however TPU out performs PVC in life and health/environmental aspects which may help inform your choice.

How to Order

Click HERE and fill out your online purchase request.

Here you will let us know how many balls you need along with color choices and upload your logo.

We will follow up with a phone call to answer any questions you might have and send out your invoice / online payment request.

We have our production runs each week on Mondays & Thursdays, to be included in these runs, we will need payment by 3pm (EST) the day prior.

Before Your Order Arrives...

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Delivery Dates/Times

We have 2 facilities and multiple crews working to get your orders out as fast as possible and we only use Express Shipping Carriers (UPS, DHL, etc). Although we do our best in assuring the fastest delivery, we cannot guarantee delivery dates / times as there are circumstances that are sometimes out of our control.

Sales Return Policy

All sales are final. No returns / refunds will be accepted once the order has been placed and paid for.

Warranty of the product does not include any puncture or deflation of the balls. TPU/PVC repair kits are included in all orders. Any hardware (straps / buckles) that is defective will be replaced from us and will need to be installed or repaired by the customer. Additionally, this warranty does NOT cover:

  1. Discoloration, dulling, or scuffing / scratches on the bubbles
  2. Although every attempt is made to duplicate artwork, some variations may occur.
  3. Our printing of logos and websites is printed directly on the bubbles. At times during production and shipping, bleeding may occur.
  4. Color fading
  5. Damage to or deterioration of the product due to UV exposure
  6. Damage or deterioration of the fabric due to exposure to fuel, harsh solvents, or other chemicals
  7. Seam separation due to heat exposure or force
  8. Has been damaged in an accident
  9. Has been abused, misused or improperly operated
  10. Has been damaged as a result of shipping, warehousing, or storage.
  11. Abrasions, tears, rips or punctures.
  12. Please contact us with any additional questions regarding repairs.